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Dr Bill McGraw is a research scientist with a long history of working in many different fields. He holds three different degrees from three different universities. He currently works as a naturopathic doctor in Panama, curing people from chronic disease using Rife technology, heavy metal detox and nutritional therapies, while also teaching organic aquaculture classes, conducting aquaculture research and publishing articles on diverse topics such as Rife Technology, aquaculture, heavy metal detox, coral reefs, GMOs, forever chemicals, graphene oxide, glyphosate, aluminum and mercury toxicity. He has published two books on heavy metals and over 50 articles during the last three years. He combines his work in naturopathic medicine, organic aquaculture and the environment by teaching and living the motto "Let Food and Water be Thy Medicine". Links to all his books, articles and podcasts can be found on his website,

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Health Seminar by Dr. Bill McGraw

Sweat Therapy

May 17, 2022

11 am to 1 pm EST

Internet - Zoom Program - $25

Here is more information on the areas of focus:

Sweat to Survive

Sweat therapy is the easiest and best way to remove toxins from the human body and recover from chronic disease


Sweat therapies have a long history of effectively allowing people to remove toxins from the human body and survive chronic toxicity. As early as 7000 years ago, sweat lodges, stone houses or moveable tents were constructed in areas stretching from Northern Europe to China, to Latin America. Sweating was typically conducted in a ceremonial fashion, and often included a spiritual component where participants, after sweating for a few hours, felt rejuvenated and “born again”.

In a more modern context, sweat therapies were routinely employed by mercury toxic miners in the world’s largest and most prolific mercury mine located in Almaden, Spain, where it was euphemistically referred to as “going to the beach”. Miners would walk around a room full of heat lamps in order to remove deadly amounts of one of the world’s most dangerous toxins. On a lighter note, mercury toxic people were encouraged to drink minor amounts of weak beer during their “beach trip”, as alcohol actually promoted mercury gas to be expelled through the breath. However, this is ill advised as sweating and alchochol both cause dehydration.

My experience with sweat therapy has demonstrated that my clients would experience rejuvenation and relief from chronic pain, malaise and a depressed immune system, by eliminating toxic metals and chemicals. Sweat therapy was also an intrical part of detoxification for more serious disease such as cancer, arhterioulsclerosis and diabetes. The difference in toxins could actually be measured by using before and after treatment hair testing. Moreover, cancer patients who initially engaged in sweat therapy would report that their sweat would wreak with offensive odors, and when the bad sweat smell became more tolerable, it always coincided with an improvement in health.

Our world today is full of many different toxic compounds that we ingest through air, water and food, and avoiding them seems to be a full-time job. Fortunately, many detoxification protocols overlap and there is a definite preferred method of removing toxins that is safe and reliable. For over a decade, I have been using a specific protocol for the removal of toxins, including aluminum, mercury and glyphosate. All of the detox protocols I have developed begin with sweat therapy. Although many clients originally state that they don’t sweat and don’t like sweating, and they have doubts about what they can achieve, all toxic people that engage sweat therapy such as saunas, infrared heat lamps, working or exercising during warmer seasons, always tell me they feel much better after engaging a properly initiated detoxification treatment protocol.

On the 17th of May, from 11 am to 1 pm (EST), I am going to conduct a seminar where I will review all of the latest research information that demonstrates the incredible value of sweating in removing specific toxins from the human body. This is going to one of the best seminars anyone who has chronic disease and cannot figure out what is going on with their body. I will teach the proper way to conduct hair testing for heavy metals, how to interpret mineral deficiency profiles and how to engage in long term detoxification methods, safely and effectively.

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