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Dr Bill McGraw is a research scientist with a long history of working in many different fields. He holds three different degrees from three different universities. He currently works as a naturopathic doctor in Panama, curing people from chronic disease using Rife technology, heavy metal detox and nutritional therapies, while also teaching organic aquaculture classes, conducting aquaculture research and publishing articles on diverse topics such as Rife Technology, aquaculture, heavy metal detox, coral reefs, GMOs, forever chemicals, graphene oxide, glyphosate, aluminum and mercury toxicity. He has published two books on heavy metals and over 50 articles during the last three years. He combines his work in naturopathic medicine, organic aquaculture and the environment by teaching and living the motto "Let Food and Water be Thy Medicine". Links to all his books, articles and podcasts can be found on his website,

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Health Seminar by Dr. Bill McGraw

Mineral Deficiencies and Chronic Disease

April 5, 2022

11 am to 1 pm EST

Internet - Zoom Program

Here is more information on the areas of focus:

The Root Causes of Chronic Disease

Mineral Deficiencies

According to Dr Joel Wallach, who conducted 80,000 autopsies on humans and animals that died from an unknown illness, all chronic disease can be traced back to mineral deficiencies. I will present the background information on how the medical industry in modern countries like the US has become so incredibly inept and corrupt, which has resulted in an inability to heal people from chronic disease. I will discuss how to test for mineral deficiencies, why we have them, and the proper way to supplement with minerals. There are numerous studies that demonstrate how important minerals are to sustain health and longevity as well as books written by individuas detailing how they cured themselves from chronic disease. I will cover the important points that has been provided by these important works. I will be using the interactive internet program Zoom. There will be at least 30 minutes for questions and comments and the cost will be $25.

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