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Dr Bill McGraw is a research scientist with a long history of working in many different fields. He holds three different degrees from three different universities. He currently works as a naturopathic doctor in Panama, curing people from chronic disease using Rife technology, heavy metal detox and nutritional therapies, while also teaching organic aquaculture classes, conducting aquaculture research and publishing articles on diverse topics such as Rife Technology, aquaculture, heavy metal detox, coral reefs, GMOs, forever chemicals, graphene oxide, glyphosate, aluminum and mercury toxicity. He has published two books on heavy metals and over 50 articles during the last three years. He combines his work in naturopathic medicine, organic aquaculture and the environment by teaching and living the motto "Let Food and Water be Thy Medicine". Links to all his books, articles and podcasts can be found on his website,

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Health Seminar by Dr. Bill McGraw

Chronic Disease, Detoxification and Rife Technology

April 23,30, May 7

4-6 pm EST

Internet - Zoom Program, $80

This 6-hour seminar will take a hard, fact-based look at the main, modern root causes of chronic disease which are mineral deficiencies created by heavy metals and a poor diet (Wallach and Cutler), parasitic load in the human body (Clark), breakdown of cell membranes due to the consumption of unhealthy fats and toxicity from a variety of different sources (including EMF). Dr Bill will cover all of the ways a person can safely remove heavy metals and toxic compounds from the human body and safely and effectively kill any bad bacteria, parasite, virus and cancer cell using rife technology. He will illustrate the importance of a proper diet including supplementation. Dr Bill will also refer to his work in Panama with organic farming, both soil and aquaculture.

Here is more information on the areas of focus:

The Root Causes of Chronic Disease

Mineral Deficiencies

According to Dr Joel Wallach, who conducted 80,000 autopsies on humans and animals that died from an unknown illness, all chronic disease can be traced back to mineral deficiencies. I will present the background information and how to test for mineral deficiencies, why we have them and the proper way to supplement with minerals.

Parasitic Load on the Human Body

Dr. Hulda Clark has determined many decades ago that people with chronic disease had a parasitic overload. She had shown repeatedly that once parasites in the human body were eliminated people could experience a remarkable recovery.

Breakdown of Cell Membranes

The cell membrane is composed largely of fats and is responsible for the intake of nutrition, excluding waste and essential communication. When our diet contains trans fats and oxidized oils we create plastic membranes which yield dysfunctional cells. By adjusting our diet to include some of the newly available plant oils such as hemp and flaxseed, we can build cell membranes that function properly which help us avoid chronic disease.


Toxicity and Detox

We take in heavy metals everyday of our lives, through the air, the water, food and sometimes contact with our skin. How did this all come about? I will discuss the incredible history of how and why we have so many heavy metals in our body. Through industry and mining, heavy metals in our environment have increased by a factor of over ten times. I will discuss how to avoid heavy metals from so many sources. It is not as hard as you think and actually easy, once you understand the sources and the many options available to help you avoid heavy metals getting into your body. I will also cover the many other sources of toxicity in our modern lives such as “forever chemicals”, EMF and glyphosate.


​History has shown us how our ancestors dealt with heavy metal toxicity and our modern society has also evolved processes that can remove heavy metals by engaging a variety of processes. Some of use detox very well and some of us are “poor detoxifiers” and “poor methylators”. After examining “deranged mineral transport” from the Dr Andrew Cutler protocols using harsh chemical chelators, I developed a more gentle and effective approach using a combination of gut cleanse, sweat therapies to level off heavy metal concentrations in the blood and begin the detox process properly, using liposomal vitamin C to avoid oxidation damage and engaging in detoxification of organs before engaging in intestinal binders and finally during the last stage, taking additional liposomal glutathione which is the body’s own natural antioxidant and chelator.


Rife Technology

About 60 years ago, Dr Hulda Clark was telling the world that chronic disease was caused by the parasitic load in the human body. She was right. Today we are faced with an incredibly more diverse load of viruses, bacteria and parasites that depress our immune system, increasing inflammation and draining our energy. Rife technology can kill any virus, infectious bacteria and parasite while the weak corona virus is an easy kill. I have been using Rife technology to cure people from chronic disease, including cancer, for six years.


I will present the basics of how Rife technology works and actual cases where I have achieved dramatic results using Rife technology to not only kill things that don’t belong in the human body, including over-burdening numbers of cancer cells, but also by decreasing the inflammatory process and reducing pain which is one of the hardest things I have ever done using Rife technology. I have figured so many things out and I will share with you everything I have learned including my astute interpretation of rife biofeedback results using Spooky2 technology.

The cost for this seminar will be minimal and based on the number of people who sign up. There will be at least a 30 minute question and answer period for each of the three days.


Here are some reviews from the participants of the seminar conducted March, 14,16 and 18.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your online program as it helped pull of lot information together in my mind. This

will surely help me in dealing with personal and client health issues moving forward. I have experience with hair analysis and offered it for years.  I studied under Rick Malter in Arizona- Magnesium Man. From his training and all the hair analysis I saw, I understand how important this one mineral is.  I've also studied glyphosates and the negative impact they have on the health of humankind, the planet, and, as a beekeeper, the bees. A lot of what you taught in your detox program pulled together pieces and parts in my mind. Thank you for offering your knowledge to others around the world when we need it the most."

Bella Donna


I attended Dr Bill's Detox and Rife seminar and learned so much.

Dr. Bill is very knowledgeable and passionate about these subjects. He gave lots of useful information on how to minimize the exposure to toxins, how to find out if you're already exposed and how to detox at home. 

He also gave a very thorough background on each covered subject. 

These are heavy subjects but Bill lightens things up with his sense of humor. I laughed a lot.

I think it will take me months to process and apply all the knowledge :)

Muli Segal


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Dr Bill McGraw



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