Dr Bill McGraw - Aquaculture

I specialize in zero water exchange aquaculture systems which are disease free and have a positive impact on the environment. I have lived and worked in 5 countries, written many business plans, consulted to many industries and designed and managed aquaculture production systems that set world records in biomass per unit volume (shrimp biomass 9.75 kg/m3 at 26.6 g average size and 5.2 kg/m3 at 67 g). More recently, research into mercury toxicity, documenting the coral bleaching in every reef system in Panama and the first in the world to grow the Pacific spiny lobster, Panuliris gracilis,  in a zero water exchange system in Boquete, Panama at 5 kg/m3 (see Aquaculture and Corals- Recent Articles Published)

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The largest shrimp I ever produced in South Africa in an RAS

Multiple Species-Better Engineering

Diagram of nutrient flow for polyculture

Directing nutrient flows into useuable biomass is the key to stability in these systems I design and manage. Animals and plants used for this system must be ones that complement the engineering. Working together, each species supports the micro processes of the whole.

Hyper Intensive Shrimp Production

shrimp zero water echange pond

Hyper Intensive zero water exchange shrimp culture is a field I have been working in for 20 years and with the right system it can be a very profitable industry. Nutrient recycling, precise feed management and most importantly biosecurity, are the keys here. With perfect water quality, shrimp growth and survivals are maximized.